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    Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries
    Investing Process

    How To Invest?

    Investing Process in China

  • Tianjin Overview
    Shangqiu Overview
    Shangqiu (Chinese: 商丘), formerly romanized as Shangkiu, is a city in eastern Henan province, Central China. It borders Kaifeng to the northwest, Zhoukou to the southwest, and the provinces of Shandong and Anhui to the northeast an... learn more
  • City Advantage
    City Advantage
    EconomyAgricultureSituated on the North China Plain, Shangqiu is part of a traditionally agricultural region. The fertile soil and convenient irrigation facilities greatly help the production of crops and other plants. As of 2005,... learn more
  • 2014/10/13
    A container truck drives past the container area at the Yangshan Deep Water Port, part of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. PHOTO BY REUTERS“The strategy ...
  • 2008/04/03
    Sina.com announced recently its board chairman Duan Yongji (left) has stepped down from the board and all other posts in the company. No reason was of...
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